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Saturday, September 17, 2016 – Sunday, September 18, 2016

The 2-day event is an initiative to address the violence in our community and to empower the kids of the 100 to come up with solutions that we as members can help initiate.

DAY 1:           Saturday, September 17, 2016 – 11:30AM     *Lunch will be provided*

Location:         Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative Facility
101 Jackson Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30312
Attire:           100 Wear

We are partnering with The Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority (FDHA) to address “The Troubles Teens Face”  Mentees will participate in a round table discussion with the other local chapters as Dr. Joshua Murphy of the FDHA moderates. Dr. Murphy will also give the mentees insight on their suggestions and solutions providing information that the FDHA is currently working on that can be useful in our community and add closing remarks.

Mentee Roundtable Topics of discussion:

  1. Police Brutality – How do we best address it and find a solution
  2. Black on Black violence in the community –  how do we change the culture and what is a solution to avoiding it.
  3. Over Criminalization in the black community among African American males – How do we stop it and improve the lives of re-entering citizens.
  4. Community and police relations in the African-American community – How do we improve on our lack of trust from both parties

We are asking each chapter to have and open discussion with their mentees in their own chapter space regarding the above subjects prior to the September 17th event. Each group will pick two of the topics and prepare to discuss their group proposed solutions to the issues that teens face today, presenting to the other mentees at the event. Each group will each have 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes of Q&A. If your chapter has another subject that involves violence and would like to discuss, that is acceptable.

Immediately following the round table discussion and lunch, the mentees will go to the MLK Jr. National Historical Site at 450 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312 for a tour of what many believe to be the father of non-violence in America.

DAY 2: Sunday, September 18, 2016 -1:30PM

LOCATION: Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative Facility
101 Jackson Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30312
ATTIRE:   Members are asked to wear event t-shirt. T-shirt is $10.  More details to come

We have partnered with the Atlanta Braves and local Law Enforcement to show solidarity in our efforts to work together in the community. Curley Dossman, Chairman of the 100 Black Men of America, will be honored by the Braves for the 100BMOA 30 years of community service and mentoring in the Atlanta community.  After the ceremony, 100BMOA mentees and members will join over 500 police officers to sit and enjoy a ball game in peace as a show of solidarity with the community. To purchase tickets: A Day of Unity With The 100