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Chapter News:

Special 100 of DeKalb Event

DeKalb 100 members current and past. We will be coming together for fun and fellowship at our 2014 REUNION retreat.

Contact the 100 office for details at 404-288-2772.


 Leadership Academy

The 2013-2014 Leadership Academy, GLEAM, and McNair 100 programs will be focused on three major themes. The first is personal development and engagement through empowerment to effect positive change. Thus explains the emphasis on “civics,” understanding how things work in the community and accepting the “civic” responsibilities. This theme builds on the 2012-2013 theme of “Transformation.” Transformation is the process of moving from where you are to where you want to be; civic awareness and empowerment will provide the tools to move your community from where it is to where it should be.

The second emphasis will be focused on Health, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition because it is imperative that we inform and transform health behaviors and practices that have an adverse impact on the Black Community. Such as youth obesity, diabetes, the cancers, violence, food desserts, heart disease, stroke, HIV/AIDS, organ donation awareness and the economy of health. This segment will provide information, action plans and access to empower families to better manage their personal health, reduce the risk behaviors that lead to the major chronic illness.

The third emphasis focuses exclusively on the personal and developmental program for the students of McNair High School. The first is GLEAM: Gregory Levett Entrepreneur Academy for Minority Students which is a comprehensive study in business development from a vision to complete business perspective. The other program is the McNair 100 program. This program is designed to teach personal developmental skills, creative arts and personal goals for 9th grade students.

The overall theme for the year is “empowerment” encouraging students and family to get involved because it is their civic responsibility and because that is “how things work.”

Dr. Romeo Stockett, says “this year’s objective is for the students and families to be empowered with an understanding of civic actions and policy making.”


Leadership Academy Schedule at a Glance

  • Tuesday, Sept. 17 – Opening Session for students and orientation for parents
  • Tuesday, Oct. 01 – McNair programs: GLEAM and the McNair 100 students
  • Tuesday, Oct. 01 – Leadership Academy Session & GLEAM/McNair 100
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15 – Leadership Academy Session & GLEAM/McNair 100
  • Saturday, Oct. 19 – Enrichment: Community Service project
  • Tuesday, Oct. 29 – Leadership Academy Session & GLEAM/McNair 100
  • Tuesday, Nov. 12 – Leadership Academy Session & GLEAM/McNair 100
  • Tuesday, Dec. 01 – Leadership Academy Session & GLEAM/McNair 100
  • Tuesday, Dec. 17 – Leadership Academy Session & GLEAM/McNair 100



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