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Headed up by DR. Raymond Crawford, students are given an opportunity to travel internationally. In the past three years this organization has traveled to Africa, Costa Rica twice and most recently Guatemala. Students are required to participate in an in-depth research study on the culture and customs of the travel destination.


100 Black Men of Dekalb County, Inc (100 BMOD), in collaboration with LEWIS, organized a thought-provoking trip to London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) at Scotland Yard that continues our efforts to bridge the understanding between peace officers and the communities they serve.  With support coming from a grant awarded by Dekalb County, 100 BMOD’s Dr. Brandon Mines (LEWIS’ Deputy Director), arranged an intimate round-table discussion for 13 students from 100 BMOD’s Leadership Academy with ranking officers in the MPS. This rare meeting of the minds offered bilateral insights into alternate methods of community policing (with a focus on ‘protecting and serving’ in lieu of the militarized law enforcement philosophy commonly found in police departments in the US).  The British officers offered a candid glimpse into the challenges they face daily with an uptick in more aggressive behaviors being exhibited toward the peace officers in the MPS (who do not traditionally carry firearms).  Topics such as transparency, common ground, and active community engagement served as points of agreement for everyone involved.  Mr. Bernard Levitt, President of 100 BMOD said, “Our relationship with LEWIS has been game-changing in exposing the talented young people in our organization to peace officers who truly understand and embrace the ‘protection’ and ‘service’ aspects of their chosen profession, and vice versa.”.  Dr. Güez Salinas, LEWIS Executive Director, said, “Our collaboration with community partners in the Atlanta area have been fruitful, with 100 BMOD being a key player in creating touch points where community members and peace officers can have conversations in the right direction towards creating mutual everyday respect.