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Metropolitan Chapters Of 100 Black Men Align With Atlanta Concours

June 4, 2019 by Atlanta Concours d'Elegance
Multi-Year Partnership Brings Leadership, Education and Economic Empowerment to Atlanta's Professional and Youth Communities with Emphasis on Automotive History and Iconic Individuals

ATLANTA, June 4, 2019 – The Metropolitan Chapters of 100 Black Men have achieved several ‘firsts’ within the Atlanta community – first by partnering with the 2019 Atlanta Concours d’Elegance — a nationally recognized automotive competition of elegance now in its fourth year and held within the Atlanta region – and separately, for the first time creating a joint continuum of four local Metropolitan chapters of 100 Black Men to unite under one umbrella as a regional group together for one cause. On October 19-20, 2019, the multi-year partnership will foster a full breadth of professional backgrounds to heighten both awareness and culture for the growing automotive event and specifically offer youth in the area the ability to become involved in one of the most important and historic global industries in the world – the automotive industry. According to Bill Wallet, CEO of the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance and an instrumental leader in facilitating the partnership between both organizations, more than 500 professional members have joined to build a network together that includes the Atlanta, Dekalb County, North Metro and South Metro 100 Black Men chapters. ‘Because of the group’s major focus on education, they wanted to provide today’s youth a better understanding and meaningful background to one of the greatest legacies in U.S. history – that of the automobile.’ Participating students will be exposed to vehicles once owned by iconic celebrities and car aficionados, while better understanding how and why the American people still consider automotive transportation more significant than any other mode. Several will also gain ‘junior judge’ stature by participating in vehicle class-judging efforts that will provide a unique perspective and learning experience. For 2019, the Atlanta Concours is relocating to an entirely new venue at Tyler Perry Studios in downtown Atlanta. The concours event will be the first public event to follow the studio’s official grand opening in early October and will showcase vintage and modern-day vehicles from some of the rarest collections to be found nationwide. In addition, the studio itself is located on the historic Fort McPherson army base where the show-field grounds for the Concours retain the vintage feel and setting apropos to many of the entry vehicles.

While the entire concours weekend will accent distinguished car collections, there are several individual cars of merit that will also be found, including those owned by iconic black Americans, bringing an interesting blend of cars from the past with relevance for today’s younger generation. Wallet noted that mentors from 100 Black Men chapters are anxious for students to understand how cars can be the link that brings a multitude of generations and history together.Wallet’s goal for alignment with the 100 Black Men chapters and in growing the overall concours experience is to bring the diverse range of Atlanta-area demographics together to create a level of community and enthusiasm that is expanding well beyond the metropolitan area.’We’re proud to offer an event that has been evolving much faster than the industry had ever expected – establishing a reputation for doing things in the Concours world yet to be done. From the onset, our goal was to offer ways for our Atlanta community to feel ‘inclusive’ rather than just creating an air of high-end exclusivity – and we’ve grown those standards for involvement creatively – each-and-every year in one innovative form after another,’ said Wallet.

Wallet noted, that while some traditions for the Atlanta Concours weekend will indeed remain, several additions will make Saturday’s showcase a pre-cursor to Sunday’s show combining an historic and enthusiast perspective. ‘We’ve created an all-new opportunity for ‘driver-level’ cars to partake in ways yet to be offered in any other concours – allowing spectators to view a larger group of significant vehicles dating as far back as the 1900s, that may not be ‘concours ready’ but have their own significance and continue to be driven by their owners.’

Dubbing the event on Saturday the ‘Cars and Classics Invitational,’ only 200 cars will be pre-selected to partake on the parade field, with models ranging from 1900 – 1970. The annual Magnificent Seven, a highlight which debuted in 2017, will draw a total of 14 winners from these 200 vehicles, creating two specific groups of seven stand-out vehicles that will be invited to return on Sunday to be displayed within their own class among the field of spectacular concours vehicles. One ‘Magnificent Seven’ class will remain the ‘best seven’ overall from Saturday’s field, with an addition this year of a second group offering the ‘best seven’ preservation/survivor cars.The program, the first of its kind, is expected to be popular to all car clubs and is an innovative way to bridge two distinct sections of the greater car world while fostering interest across genres and generations. All vehicles must apply in advance in order to participate, and if chosen, will gain one free ticket for Saturday’s admission; if accepted before the end of June, an additional guest ticket will be provided. Spectator fees for Saturday’s event are $25/each. All 200 accepted vehicles for Saturday will receive a free ticket, and no charge to display their cars.

Regarded as one of the most influential groups of leaders within the African-American community, the Metropolitan Chapters of 100 Black Men is a collaboration between four local Atlanta-area groups that are part of the more than 100 international chapters sharing the same guiding principles — leadership; mentoring and education; health and wellness; and economic empowerment. The Atlanta-based organization is the first globally to have created a joint initiative of several regional chapters and will support the Atlanta Concours by extending outreach and opportunities within major metropolitan Atlanta-owned businesses as well as prominent corporations with global headquarters based in Atlanta. The organization is a 501(c)(3) foundation and additionally creates and supports programs for community and youth.

Tyler Perry Studios, opportunely located between downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, offers three key assets to afford growth for the rising concours — ranging from providing local attendees accessible transportation and parking to offering up a much larger show field — all of which allow for the addition of more entrant vehicles, sponsors and vendors. Specific convenience includes:•Local proximity – with a potential audience of 6.5 million Atlantans in the metropolitan area, the venue location within the I-285 perimeter affords timely access and minimal traffic•Venue Accessibility – set alongside the MARTA rail station at the Lakewood/Ft McPherson transit station, coupled with a significant increase in parking space surrounding the venue, attendees have choices for an easier commute and overall transportation ease•Increased Participation – due to a larger and visually pleasing facility, the show’s ability to host more vehicles, sponsors and exhibitors affords attendees an increased entertainment factor that blends the finest collections of rare and vintage vehicles and ride and drive opportunities with tech clinics and seminars highlighting vehicle heritage, innovations and restoration—presented by industry leaders—all within a unique environment for a Concours. A variety of food, artwork and automotive vendors will be highlighted. Tyler Perry Studios is situated on 330 acres of historic land on the decommissioned Fort McPherson Army base originally built between 1885-1889. In 2015 Tyler Perry purchased a large portion of the base, which is now home to his movie studio—one of the largest in the country. Acutely aware of the history of the army base and the significance to the Atlanta community, Perry has kept the parade field intact, which is on the National Register of Historic places. The 11-acre Hedekin Parade Field is an authentic 19th century military parade field surrounded by same-era officer quarters and barracks all in a tree-lined, town square-like setting with majestic structures still in use. The military base has hosted notable dignitaries through the years, including General Patton, General MacArthur, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Colin Powell.

Founded by CEO and Co-Chairman Bill Wallet and Co-Chairman Harry Krix, the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance is the first premier Concours automotive event to grace the metropolitan Atlanta region and will include more than 180 vintage and collectible entrant vehicles on Sunday, as well as approximately 200 rare and high-interest privately owned automobiles on display Saturday. Wallet and Krix are lifelong friends and business associates who joined together four years ago to realize their dream of producing a major classic automobile event such as the Concours d’Elegance for the Atlanta community.

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