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LEADERSHIP ACADEMY – Program Structure and Organization

The Leadership Academy is sponsored by the DeKalb County Chapter of 100 Black Men of America, Inc., with the Support of local businesses, public agencies and educational institutions. The Leadership Academy is designed to address the crisis in which black male youths find themselves today. It is generally accepted that in most American cities, black males at every level from kindergarten through the twelfth grade are turning off to education in epidemic numbers. Research studies indicate that black males are shown to have dramatically lower grade point averages, attendance patterns, and graduation rates than black females and members of other racial groups.

Like in many communities, black males in DeKalb County and metropolitan Atlanta face problems of poverty, crime, single parenthood, drugs, violence and hopelessness. Violent aggression is an especially hazardous and potentially lethal problem confronting black male youth. The Leadership Academy focuses on providing a series of structured educational activities that allow black males to learn and experience new survival techniques, new environments and new growth opportunities. The Leadership Academy will nurture achievement, provide support, and enhance self-esteem. Finally, the Leadership Academy will teach lifelong living and learning skills.

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