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Talented Tenth begins Project InstaLIFE activities

Students have already begun attending classes and events as part of the Project InstaLIFE McNair program.

Under the tutelage of Program Chapter Lead Dr. Romeo Stockett, the founder of The Consortium for Global Informatics and an alumni of Morehouse College, 12 students will conduct research on violence within the African American community and develop, using social media, a social action campaign promoting non-violence.

To achieve that goal, they’ll look at a variety of issues affecting the black community using tools they’ll only be able to access through the program, as well as publically available information.

Program chapter assistants Kevin Ware, John Hollins, Maurice Calhoun and John Johnson and McNair Liaison Mrs. Maronda Hastie will also assist in teaching the students.

After the student opening ceremony & parent orientation on Saturday, January 21, students have already dived into the work.

Students will attend at least 12 of the program’s 14 sessions & activities, which will take place between Jan 21- June 10.

Field trips are to Morehouse School of Medicine, King Center and Civil Rights Museum, and similar places around the metro Atlanta area. Juniors will conduct research on violence within the African American Community and develop a social action campaign promoting non-violence via social media.

At the closing ceremony, they’ll all earn a stipend of $350. Twelve students have completed their applications for the program:

  • Jasmine Alphabet
  • Kayle Brown
  • Jamilia Bush
  • Abriea Carter
  • Aissatou Diallo
  • Jacorie Fleming
  • Ladell Hassell
  • Hannah Hosley
  • Deerika Ivey
  • Ryan Jenkins
  • Cedagia Manning
  • Jada Ramey